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Rost Therapy has been a ground breaking, innovative and integral method in the treatment of pelvic girdle pain since it begun in the early 90s. Since the online course system started some years ago, we have trained more than 790 therapists in 833 locations all over the world. Would you like to learn how to better serve your PGP patients? Join Cecile Röst, Susannah Britnell and our worldwide community of Rost Therapists in our project. Read on for more information.


What is the official RTh™ certification?


Rost Therapy

The Rost Therapy certification will accredit you as an official Rost Therapist™. A Rost Therapist™ is a health professional who has passed the certification requirements (see below) and proven to have the skills necessary to treat pelvic girdle pain with the Rost Therapy™ method.


What are the advantages of obtaining the official RTh certification?


  • Having an RTh™ certification accredits you as a specialist in PGP, and a representative of everything our method stands for: an integrative, science based and compassionate approach to the treatment of pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain.
  • You will be listed as an official Rost Therapist™ on our Find a therapist database for the next 5 years, where patients all over the world can find you.
  • You will have access to our continuing education courses, including the in person course “PGP Level II: Advanced practitioner”. The advanced courses include effective manual techniques and dry needling for the treatment of acute and persistent PGP, and only experienced therapists would have the basic preparation and practice to make the most of course content*.


Getting RTh certified


The first step in the certification pathway is to obtain your Diploma of Completion after passing the online course Pelvic Girdle Pain: the Rost Therapy™ approach. You can complete the course on our website, or through any other education platform that delivers the course (Embodia, Bia…).

Rost Therapy Certification flowchart


As you can see in the flowchart above, once you have obtained your Diploma, you can pursue the official RTh™ certification in two ways:

  • In person stream: Join our practical course PGP Level I. After completion of this in person practical course you will be a certified Rost Therapist™. For more information, check the course page.
  • Online stream: pass the online practical exam. We need to ensure that all Rost Therapists meet a certain standard, and for this is essential that we can evaluate your practical skills. This new online practical exam is the best alternative we have found to our live assessment during a practical course. For more information, see the online exam page.


Renewing your RTh™ certification


After 5 years, you can renew your certification for life by joining our “PGP Level II: Advanced practitioner” course. Coming soon!*



*[Advanced courses have been up and running successfully in the Netherlands for the last 5 years. We are now working hard to adapt them to an international public, and will be available within the next 2 years].

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Online Courses

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PGP Level I: Rost Therapy™ certification – Online exam

3 hours - including preparation time
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8 hours

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