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Scroll below for a full schedule of Rost Therapy live practical courses. You can find us in EU, UK and Canada once or twice a year depending on availability, and for several practical sessions in the Netherlands all year around.

Covid19 update (August 2021)

Since the Covid19 pandemic hit, we unfortunately had to cancel all international practical courses until travelling and practicing in closed spaces is once again safe and allowed without significant restrictions.

Meanwhile, we have updated our international online courses with much more practical content, so you can access course material without having to travel and meet in person. Check our revamped online courses on pelvic girdle pain and coccydynia here.


We expect to be back to meet our RTh students by the end of 2021 in London (UK) or beginning of 2022 in Toronto (CA) with Pelvic Health Solutions. Sign up to our newsletter for updates on course organization and upcoming courses.

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No activities scheduled at this moment.

No live practical courses scheduled due to travel/meeting restrictions (Covid19 pandemic). We will be back soon!

No activities scheduled at this moment.

Why physiotherapy courses with Rost TRost Therapy physiotherapy coursesherapy?

  • The Rost Therapy (RTh) approach is roughly a mix of patient education, exercise and specific manual teachniques developed by Cecile Rost in the 90s. RTh has since proven to be an effective and popular treatment method for PGP in the Netherlands and Canada.
  • Our courses follow a blended learning system: a theoretical online course is the first step, followed by the practical live course where you will put into practice everything you have learned online.
  • During our practical courses, you will share and exchange ideas with teachers and participants, debate all things pelvic pain and show your new aquired skills to treat these patients from a truly biopychosocial perspective.
  • After completion of a live practical course you will become a certified Rost Therapist™ or cocydynia specialist, depending on the course. This will give you access to our advanced practical courses (PGP Level II, in depth modules) & a 5-year listing at our Find a therapist database, where patients worldwide will be able to find you.


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