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Pelvic girdle pain and coccydynia

Pelvic girdle pain in pregnancyonline course rost therapyPelvic girdle pain (PGP) and coccydynia (tailbone pain) are subtypes of pelvic pain that can severely compromise activities of daily living and quality of life of women and men of all ages. PGP specifically disproportionally affects pregnant and postpartum women and can persist if untreatead.

Why physiotherapy courses with Rost Therapy?

  • The Rost Therapy (RTh) approach is roughly a mix of patient education, exercise and specific manual teachniques developed by Cecile Rost in the 90s. RTh has since proven to be an effective and popular treatment method for PGP in the Netherlands and Canada.
  • Our courses follow a flexible learning system: your choice between an online course or a practical live course.
  • During our practical courses, you will share and exchange ideas with teachers and participants, debate all things pelvic pain and show your new aquired skills to treat these patients from a truly biopychosocial perspective.
  • After completion of a live practical course you will become a certified Rost Therapist™ or cocydynia specialist, depending on the course. This will give you access to our advanced practical courses (dry needling, manual techniques) & a 5-year listing at our Find a therapist database, where patients worldwide will be able to find you.

Where can I attend a live practical course with RTh?

Our pelvic pain courses are taught by RTh in Europe and North America since 2000s. Check out our schedule for 2022-2023 for in person courses now scheduled in Canada.


Live practical physiotherapy courses (in English)

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