For those who wish to get certified as Rost Therapists™ but cannot attend the in person PGP practical course, we have now the possibility to take an online practical exam. By taking and passing this exam, you will prove that you have the skills necessary to become a certified Rost Therapist. The exam will be corrected by one of our course teachers. The certification will open the door to the practical advanced courses (PGP Level II and in depth modules) and will give you a listing as a certified Rost Therapist™ on our database for 5 years.


Why is this exam necessary to get certified?

Developing practical skills with just an online course is a challenge, no matter how practical the online course might be. This new online exam is your chance to prove that you have the skills necessary to meet our standards and become a certified Rost Therapist™. During the exam you will have the opportunity to apply in practice what you have learnt in the online course. The exam will test both your clinical reasoning and practical skills/competence.


Exam description

The exam consists of 2 parts:

  • A multiple choice test based on a pelvic girdle pain case study (30 min-1h)
  • A video submission where you will show some required practical skills (video duration 15 min, preparation 3-4h)



The multiple choice test can be repeated as many times as necessary to pass. The video, on the other hand, will be assessed by one of our instructors, with their personalized feedback recorded as they watch the video. This will be returned to you so you can benefit from this specific instruction. If your video has been given a passing grade, you will become a certified Rost Therapist™ and gain access to a 5- year listing on our Find a Therapist database.


What if I don’t pass?

If someone is missing key components demonstrating the skills or if there is a safety concern, they will not pass the exam, but they have an opportunity to purchase a retest. The individualized feedback will help them refine their skills and prepare for the retake.

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