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The RTh therapists finder is meant as a networking space. A place where professionals and patients can connect and find each other. Are you looking for a Rost Therapist as a patient? Or perhaps you want to refer a patient to a pelvic pain specialist? Scroll down for the database.

RTh network for Rost Therapists and other pelvic girdle pain & coccydynia specialists

The RTh therapists network strives to connect pelvic girdle pain and coccydynia professionals via the RTh therapists database. Connect with patients and pelvic pain specialists in this worldwide network of schooled therapists.

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Would you like to register in our database so patients and colleagues can find you? Join our Pelvic Girdle Pain and tailbone pain courses. Once you have obtained your certificate of completion you will be listed for 2 year, 5 years or indefinitely depending on the program.

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Why a professional network for PGP?


Rost Therapy networkPelvic girdle pain (PGP) affects many pregnant and postpartum women. It is a condition that greatly impacts function and quality of life.

  • PGP is an under-recognized and under-treated problem. In fact, in one study, 71% of the pregnant women with self-reported lumbo-pelvic pain told their health care professionals about their pain, but only 25% received any type of treatment for their condition (Pierce 2012).
  • Many women are told that back, pubic and/or hip pain is just a normal part of pregnancy, which will most likely improve after delivery. But the reality is that PGP can be significantly improved in pregnancy and postpartum, allowing pregnant women to function well and enjoy their pregnancies.