Rost Therapy offers exciting, blended courses

About Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP)

2 days e-learning + 2 practical training days

This course will teach you about PGP symptoms and updated research. You will understand what happens in pregnancy and labour, how biomechanics are affected with walking disorders and learn about other problems with  daily living with PGP. This treatment approach can be used with pregnant and postpartum women, as well as men, adolescents, and seniors. As health professionals, we are passionate about function and quality of life. Treating people with PGP using Rost Therapy is very fulfilling, as the results are remarkable!!

It will be our pleasure to train you in becoming a certified Rost Therapist!

Our mission is to give people the active and pain free lives they deserve.

About Coccydynia (tailbone pain)

1 day e-learning + 1 practical training day

Coccydynia is a condition that can seriously impact the quality of lives of our patients. Imagine not being able to sit without pain,  or having excruciating pain every time you stand up. Some people also have additional symptoms. Fortunately, there are various treatment methods to address these painful symptoms. If you want to learn more about coccydynia,  and how to assess and apply different treatment methods, then this course is the right choice for you. You will gain insight into the anatomy and biomechanics of the pelvic area and learn safe external treatment techniques to reduce or even eliminate symptoms. Orthopaedic manual therapists Meine Veldman and Cecile Röst, have created this fascinating course. Both have treated numerous patients with pain in the tailbone  (coccyx).

Be surprised at how effective this treatment is for patients who hurt their tailbone by a fall, an accident or during labour)!

How Rost Therapy Courses work

Join our basic PGP or coccydynia courses and start at home by studying our comprehensive, well written and entertaining online courses. You will be given extensive background knowledge behind the enormous and complicated syndrome of PGP, or the more simple but very dramatic coccydynia syndrome. You will then learn some assessment and treatment techniques. Then come to our practical days to be trained in clinical reasoning and hand on skills.

When you purchase our courses, you are supporting the research work behind Rost Therapy. It helps us  make affordable books and develop free apps, available for all women with PGP. It helps us train health professionals world-wide who wish to help people who suffer from PGP or coccydynia. We are motivated by the enthusiasm of our participants, certified therapists and patients to continue our educational and research efforts.

Thank you for your support.

Blended Learning at Rost Therapy

The feedback is in: participants of our courses are very excited about our course system!  They love the online courses,  and the clinical reasoning and hands on techniques that follow in the practical days. When you attend a practical course,  you will have already completed the online course and received your online certificate in your profile. After completing the practical course, the registration period of your professional profile will be extended to a total of 5 years.

No availability at a practical course yet?

No worries: if you choose to complete the online theory course before registering for the practical course, you will have up to 2 years to register for the relevant practical course and you will have a public professional profile findable for 2 years by patients on Find a therapist. Make sure you check our Course Agenda from time to time for updated training dates.

Refresh your skills?

Our former participants like to update their knowledge and practice skills. Visit our Refresher Course page to read more details and find the agenda.