We used to have three practical days  (instead of two) and included part of this online course in many powerpoint presentations. We are so pleased and proud that we built this website and put most of our theory material in a beautiful online course that you can study at home. Study at your own level, follow everything that you really want to know and quickly read through texts that you know all about or have learned before. Please take your time to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of pregnancy and delivery. Watch all the videos closely, follow links to current evidence and read what best practice is available. Understand how Pelvic Girdle Pain disrupts the daily activities of young women and how therapists can help to give women back control of their pelvic girdles ánd lives. Every chapter ends with some questions for you. This way you will soon find your way in this quickly changing world of knowledge on PGP symptoms, best assessment, best treatment.

Target audience

This theory course is developed to educate (pelvic floor, sports, manual and general) physiotherapists. Chiropractors and osteopaths will also find this course interesting.

E-learning self study

Approximately 16 hours at your own computer  (you can spread your study in time. Just re-open this course and continue any time you wish)


The costs of this comprehensive e-learning course  is € 195,- euro (click here for the current conversion rate). This includes:

– theoretical background of PGP and Rost Therapy, lots of videos of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, links to useful online videos on Pregnancy-related Pelvic Girdle Pain, PDF’s of examination forms
– final exam (you are a registered therapist on Rosttherapy.com after succesful completion of this exam)
– 2 years subscription and listing on Google Maps on the ‘Find a Therapist’  page of Rosttherapy.com: you can update your profile any time, put in three working addresses. Patients and referring colleagues can find you, especially when you write something about yourself and put in your photo!
– 2 years access to updated scientific findings and new material on PGP.  The certificate of the practical course will extend your access and ‘find a therapist’ profile period with 3 years to 5 years!


After successful completion of the final exam your certificate is placed in your profile, accredited for 16 study hours.

Have an interesting time  and good luck!

Course Materials