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Rost Therapy™ physiotherapist, Joanne:

Yesterday, I had a follow-up appointment with one of my clients and she was glowing.  She calls the Rost symmetry/stabilization routine “miracle exercises”.  Since starting them, she has been pain free from her pelvic girdle pain for a whole week!  She and her husband were so grateful, for she was able to get through the day with no pain, and then, do some fun activities over the weekend without even thinking about it!  Her husband was so surprise that she hadn’t complained at all!


Rost Therapy™ physiotherapist, Gloria:

I just wanted to thank you two for the workshop this past weekend. I had a great hands on learning experience. It was very empowering and inspirational to be amongst other women in the field and both of your dedication to the subject.


Rost Therapy™ physiotherapist, less than one month after a course:

First of all, I heard the angels sing that weekend.  I have not felt this good, pain-free, symmetric, and stable (physically speaking but also a mental portion as well:) since well before pregnancy.  I am even compliant – this is a first!  I have used some of the basic techniques with a variety of patients thus far and have had favourable responses by all (even the surprised and reluctant men!)  Thanks to you and thanks to Cecile:)


Rost Therapy™ physiotherapist, one year after the course: 

This was the single most useful course I have taken since the IMS.  Honestly working well for me (not sure if you remember but I was the best example of PGP in the class having had an MVA at 40 weeks pregnant).  I am experiencing a fair amount of PGP with now my second pregnancy (33 weeks) but easily mitigated with the posture and symmetry exercises.  I can’t imagine how I might be coping without it.  As for my clients: I generally only need to see prenatal patients 2-3 times maximum and have used the principals of treatment for many non pregnant and male patients as well.  I often get called a “miracle worker” for this which is a total attribute to Susannah and Cecile!