Rost Therapy: External Treatment for Coccydynia- in person

Practical course Coccydynia basic course

Do you have patients with acute or persistent coccydynia? Have you ever wanted to develop manual skills to treat coccydynia externally? At the Coccydynia practical course, you will learn how to apply non invasive and patient friendly manual techniques that are highly effective in the treatment of acute and persistent tailbone pain. You will also learn to assess coccyx dislocation and to find patterns of referred coccyx pain.

Join us in this practical short course to master external pain free techniques for coccydynia. Our online coccydynia course is recommended prior to attendance of this coccydynia live practical course. 


Contact hours

6.5 hrs


08:30 AM - 04:30 PM
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Learning objectives

At the end of this practical coccydynia course:

  • You have insight into (surface) anatomy and biomechanics of the pelvic area
  • You can reach a correct diagnosis/differential diagnosis
  • You can apply safe and external treatment methods for coccydynia
  • You can effectively reduce tailbone pain symptoms
  • You can apply different relaxation & breathing techniques
  • You can prescribe exercises to treat coccydynia and prevent recurrences

Coccydynia course structure

Rost Therapy coccydynya course

  1. We start discussing research into various techniques and visualizing image diagnostics with examples. Then hands on practice starts.
  2. You will practice external correction techniques, ergonomic adjustments and therapeutic exercise strategies to reduce or even completely eliminate coccydynia symptoms.
  3. Discussion of real case studies and literature will take place throughout the course.

Target audience

Pelvic and/or orthopedic physiotherapists, chiropractors & osteopaths.

Admission requirements for the practical course

Completion of the online theory course Coccydynia is recommended.

Important notice: This course includes manual therapy techniques.

  • You are an experienced physiotherapist/manual therapist and can handle the examination and diagnosis of pelvic complaints
  • You are an experienced osteopath or chiropractor


Why the online course recommended?

A major advantage of the recommended online course is that it allows us to start the practical course with all having the same background knowledge. This allows instructors to focus on debates, case studies and specific questions.

Evaluation & registration

  • The online course concludes with an exam, after which you will receive a certificate of completion if you successfully achieve a score of 75% or above. The practical course does not include an exam, but participation will grant you a diploma.
  • This diploma will give you a 5 year registration on our database as a Rost Therapy coccydynia specialist, where patients from all over the world can find you.

Group size

There is a minimum of 10 participants for this course.


Course time

6,5 hours (1 practical day)


(Guest) teachers

  • EU & Canada: Cecile Rost, Susannah Britnell
  • EU: Karin van Rees, Anna van Dijk

EU & Canada locations

Online course: € 205,-
Practical course registration: € 232,-

Total costs (Online + Practical course): € 437,-


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"Great course, in-depth material that I can apply to my daily practice. Thanks!"*

"Well anticipated at the level of experience of the students."*

"Very nice, interesting and useful course"*


*Based on our surveys from previous editions in March and May 2019.
Doelgroepen Target audience
General and Specialized Physiotherapists
Workshop Course type
1 day practical
Certificaat Certificate
Certification for practical course
Registratie Registration as a schooled therapist
After completing this activity, you will be visible as a registered therapist on our therapist finder. This makes you findable for patients.