Self-reported PGP, pain locations and clinical tests at GW30 do not lead to unfavourable clinical course postpartum

‘PGP prevalence remained unchanged from 12 weeks to one year postpartum (31-30%). Physical functioning (PF)  and  bodily pain(BP) scores improved markedly from Gravity Week 30 to 12 weeks postpartum, and marginally thereafter. The most afflicted women at GW30 experienced largest improvement.’ ‘PF and BP scores improved markedly from GW30 to 12 weeks postpartum, and marginally thereafter. Despite high PGP prevalence one year postpartum, most women recovered in terms of PF and BP scores. Unfavourable clinical course postpartum did not appear to depend on self-reported PGP, pain locations in the pelvis, or response to clinical tests at GW30.’

Abstract Robinson et al, 2014

postpartum painpredictorspregnancy