Blended learning: online theory at home and practice on course location

Rost Therapy is an innovative educational institution that offers blended learning on pelvic girdle pain (e.g. sacroiliac, symphysis pubis) and coccydynia (pain in the tailbone). Prior to practical courses, the corresponding interactive online course is followed. Hereby is the theory needed for the practical courses well prepared, the level of the students is equalized: meaning that we have more time for clinical reasoning and the skills lab.

NEW: Masterclasses and intervision meetings can refresh your knowledge 

Previously learned knowledge may fall short in some situations. you may have missed some details, or don’t know the most efficient procedures in this particular case..  In fact, you want to talk to a teacher to discuss a case or to gain more insight into the subject matter. An individual online masterclass or a group intervision (peer -coaching) is a quick way to achieve your goal. Rost Therapy’s teachers provide master classes and intervisions on various areas of knowledge: pelvic pain/instability, breech pain, pregnancy and postpartum, diastasis, dryneedling and manual therapy. We offer you the possibility to consult one of our teachers online. 

Online masterclass and intervision 1

Video contact with Rost Therapy teachers

Tailor-made Masterclass

A Masterclass is a form of work in which a therapist can discuss patient cases, treatment techniques or do clinical reasoning with a specialized teacher in a specific field. The therapist can be helped with interpreting/drafting or carrying out research and the following treatment plan. Video contact via Physitrack makes it possible to do technical operations and to share professional material safely.

Tailor-made intervision

Intervision is a form of work used in healthcare to increase the expertise of the participants involved and improve the quality of work. Usually intervision takes place in small groups of colleagues, maximum of 6 people. Intervision is possible via videoconference, ensure that only anonymous data is exchanged.

Our system works as follows:

  • Specify the category in which your problem or question falls
  • Check which teacher will suit your group best  
  • Create a profile at Rost Therapy or log in with your existing data
  • At the bottom of this page, click on the teacher’s name of your choice and click on your choice of product
  • Purchase from us 1 or more hours of further training in the language that you indicate
  • Rost Therapy will send you the invoice and a preparation form 
  • The teacher will contact you within three days to make an appointment for the consultation and sends you a confirmation of the appointment. Please take in account that the teacher might be living in another timezone
  • You send the completed form including necessary attachments to the teacher per We Transfer, no later than 24 hours prior to the consultation
  • After the consultation, Rost Therapy will forward you a certificate
Online masterclass and intervision 2

Teachers Rost Therapy