Bekkenpijn en lage rugpijn vroeg in de zwangerschap aanpakken

Bekkenpijn en Lage Rugpijn moeten vroeg in de zwangerschap worden aangepakt om zowel individuele pijnklachten als het risico op chronische pijnklachten te verlagen.

full text Bergström et al, 2016

‘Most women did not report any sick leave or sought any healthcare due to PLBP/PGP the past 6 months at Q3. However, women with ‘continuous’ PLBP/PGP 14 months postpartum did report a higher prevalence and degree of sick leave and sought healthcare to a higher extent compared to women with ‘recurrent’ PLBP/PGP at Q3. Women with more pronounced symptoms might constitute a specific subgroup of patients with a less favourable long-term outcome, thus PLBP/PGP needs to be addressed early in pregnancy to reduce both individual suffering and the risk of transition into chronicity.’

bekkenpijnbergströmlage rugpijn