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A lot of research into pelvic girdle pain is published. On this page we mention the conclusions of recent English-language studies with regard to therapy  during and after pregnancy. If you are interested, follow the link of the abstract or the free online article.

Limited evidence on the effectiveness of stabilizing exercises in treating PGP

‘Six studies were identified as eligible with the inclusion and exclusion criteria. All studies evaluated the pain as an outcome measure. The evidence conflicted between the studies. Two studies showed that stabilizing exercises decrease pain and improve the quality of life for pregnant women when they are carried out on a regular basis. There is some limited evidence that stabilizing exercises decrease pain for postpartum women too. In summary, there is limited evidence for the clinician to conclude on the effectiveness of stabilizing exercises in treating pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy and the postpartum periods.’

Almousa et al, 2017

Minimally invasive treatment with triangular titanium implants is safe in treating chronic LBP originating from SI-Joint

‘For patients with chronic LBP originating from the SIJ, minimally invasive SIJF with triangular titanium implants was safe and more effective than CM in relieving pain, reducing disability, and improving patient function and quality of life. Our findings will help to inform decisions regarding its use as a treatment option in this patient population.’

full text Dengler et al, 2017

Good quality trials are needed to ascertain the most effective elements of postnatal exercise programs suited for Lumbar Pelvic Pain treatment

‘Our review indicates that only few randomised controlled trials have evaluated the effectiveness of exercise on LPP among postnatal women. There is also a great amount of variability across existing trials in the components of exercise programs, modes of delivery, follow up times and outcome measures. While there is some evidence to indicate the effectiveness of exercise for relieving LPP, further good quality trials are needed to ascertain the most effective elements of postnatal exercise programs suited for LPP treatment’

full text Tseng et al, 2015

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