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Other areas matter

Women often have pain in other areas in the body besides the pelvis. Many women in Cecile Röst’s research had knee, hip and foot pain. These concerns may have been already there, before a woman developed pelvic girdle pain (PGP), but sometimes they can be a result of the changed movement patterns that come with PGP. A good therapist will look at other areas, as well as the pelvis, in their examination. It is important to have all concerns addressed, in order to allow the best function and freedom of movement possible.


Online survey on PGP pain and symptoms

On a survey conducted by Cecile Röst in 2016, 380 women with pelvic girdle pain (mean age 34 years) were questioned thoroughly about pain and symptoms in other parts of the body. 128 women were pregnant, including 38 who were pregnant with the first child. Of the 259 women who were not pregnant but who still had pelvic complaints, 44 women had children who were older than 5 years.

Women were asked whether they had pain sometimes – often – or always.

Here are the results from the survey: 

  • Of the pregnant women, 89% consider their health to be good to excellent, despite the fact that 88% of these women also had low back pain, 54%  upper back pain, 59% coccyx pain, 41% head / neck /or arm pain, 46% leg / foot pain, and 33% also had abdominal pain.
  • In women who were not pregnant, 79% consider their health good to excellent, despite the fact that 90% of these women had low back pain, 63% upper back pain , 76% coccyx pain, 70%  head / neck / arm pain, 63%  leg/ foot pain, and 38% also had abdominal pain.
Hip pain in pregnancy and postpartum